Tournament rules

Organized  by: Club Ajedrez Coín and Excmo. Ayto. de Coín

Sponsor: Diputación Provincial de Málaga, Prodomasa, Colegio Nuestra Señora de Lourdes

Tournament direction: D. Miguel Jiménez Bandera

Head referee: IA D. Francisco Jesús Pareja López

Game room:

The tournaments will be played in the indoor sports of the Colegio Nuestra Señora de Lourdes.

Miravalle urbanisation S/N, 29100 Coín, (Málaga) C. P. 29100

The precise location: » Here «


TOURNAMENT ≥ 1850 (Open) days 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 y 9 april, 2023

  • Tournament computable for ELO FIDE, FEDA and FADA.
  • Open to all player, according to the registration rules

TOURNAMENT   1850, days 5, 6, 7, 8 y 9 april, 2023

  • Computable for ELO FIDE, FEDA and FADA.


Players may participate without limitation of age, level, or origin, with the following conditions:

  • Players with the Spanish flag must have a valid license from the FEDA.
  • All players with a flag other than Spanish must have a FIDE code before the tournament.
  • In Tournament ≥ 1850 (Open), players without ELO restrictions can participate.
  • In Tournament 1850, who do not have ELO FIDE or with ELO FIDE that does not exceed 1850 points in the ELO FIDE list of april, 2023.
  • The premises have a capacity of 200 people
  • The organization reserves the right of admission.

Registration and participation fees

The deadline to register is friday, march 31, 2023.
The Organization may freely admit subsequent registrations.
Advance registrations are considered until february 10, 2023.

Registration fees:

Advance registration ends on february 10, 2023

TOURNAMENT ≥ 1850 (Open)

  • General: Player with more of 1850 ELO FIDE: 45 € (Advance 35 €)
  • General: Player with 1850 of ELO FIDE or less: 55 € (Advance 45 €)
  • Under 16 and C.A. Coín with more of 1850 ELO FIDE: 40 € (Advance 30 €)
  • Player with functional diversity, with more of 1850 ELO FIDE: 20 €
  • Free GM, IM and FM
  • Free WGM and WIM


All players must have less than 1850 ELO FIDE, without ELO FIDE

  • General: 35 € (Advance 30€)
  • Under 16 and C.A. Coín: 25 € (Advance 20 €)
  • Player with functional diversity 20 €

Players can register through any of the following ways:

  • Filling out the form that you will find at » Here «
  • Sending an email to
  • Calling (+34) 622866429

Registration will be valid once the corresponding registration fee is deposited in the bank account in the name of Club de Ajedrez CoínES88 3023 0408 4861 2954 0008 , and once the organization has confirmed the aforementioned registration.

Cancellations: It can be requested before the start of the tournament, the amount of the registration by transfer, minus 50% for administrative expenses and management.

Game system

TOURNAMENT ≥ 1850 (Open) Swiss 9 rounds (90´+30´´ of increase for move)
TOURNAMENT  1850 Swiss 7 rounds (90´+30´´ of increase for move) 

Pairing program: VEGA CHESS

Initial Ranking List: Firstly, according to FIDE rating in force (in case of an inactive player,
last rating will be considered). If FIDE Rating is 0, according to ELO FEDA.
If two players have the same FIDE rating then the best FIDE title prevails and after that,
alphabetical order.

Tie-Breaking System:

  1. Buchholz, not counting the worst opponent, virtual opponent mode for unplayed games.
    (Buchholz Cut 1) *
  2. Most Paired
  3. Direct Encounter
  4. Average Rating Opponents Cut 1, not counting the worst opponent.
  5. Most Wins
    *Half-point byes will not count for Buchholz.


TOURNAMENT ≥ 1850 (Open): There will be up to 3 Byes, which must be requested in writing before the tournament starts. 

In the requested round, the player will not be paired and will be awarded 1/2 point. They are not applicable to the last three rounds of the tournament, nor to invitees.

TOURNAMENT 1850: There will be up to 2 Byes, which must be requested in writing before the tournament starts. 

In the requested round, the player will not be paired and will be awarded 1/2 point. They are not applicable to the last two rounds of the tournament.

Closed categories

For the purpose of awarding prizes, the following categories are considered:

  • Veteran (born 1973 or earlier)
  • Under 14 (born 2009-2010)
  • Under 12 (born 2011-2012)
  • Under 10 (born 2013-2014)
  • Under 08 (born 2015 and later)

Participation rules

Failure to comply with the rules may lead to the loss of a game or even expulsion from the Tournament, as well as the loss of any right to a prize and the return of any registration amount that the player could have paid.

  • Participation in the Tournament implies knowledge and acceptance of these rules of the game.
  • For Being entitled to the prize, the player will accet and collect it personally at the prize-giving ceremony.
  • It will be the responsibility of each player to register correctly. Likewise, the participant has the obligation to verify their data in the lists that are published (Byes, ELO, category, name, etc.).
  • The participants, as well as their legal representatives, expressly authorize when registering the collection, publication and dissemination of their personal data, as well as photos and videos in which they appear, individually or in groups, related to this tournament, in the different media of communication that the organization deems appropriate (lists, photos, videos, games, publications in the press, radio, television, web pages, etc.).
  • A maximum delay of 15 minutes is allowed; except in round 1, which will be 30 minutes.
  • Players undertake to attend the gaming halls with the proper clothing and to have a correct and sporting behavior.
  • Smoking will not be allowed in the game rooms (including electronic cigarettes) or in the attached space.
  • The winner of the game (or either of them in the event of a draw) will be responsible for communicating the result of their game to the referee team.
  • In addition to what is described in the Laws of Chess, the players will only be able to agree on a draw when each of them has made at least 30 moves. If the previous paragraph is not fulfilled, agreement will be subject to the arbiter’s consent, which will be granted only in case of continuous check, triple repetition, stalemate, dead position, the draw agreement will be signed by both players presentin the Playing Room. They will communicate it to the arbiter for verification before being absent. In casethat the players leave the score-sheets that do not comply with this section, the result will be 0:0 in the game, without being able to be corrected later.
  • Analysis of games will not be allowed in the Game Room.
  • It is not allowed to leave the game room without the permission of the referee.
  • It is forbidden to carry a mobile phone in the gaming room. Exceptionally, the referee may authorize a player to leave the mobile completely disconnected in a bag or backpack that will no longer be accessed or manipulated during the game.
  • A mobile that emits a sound, beep, alarm, is used or is turned on will imply the loss of the game.
  • Once the game is over, it is not allowed to use mobile phones in the game room.
  • Spectators can carry a mobile, but in absolute silence, it must not be visible or used.
  • The referee team will not be responsible for keeping mobile phones.
  • Other electronic devices (tablets, computers, etc.) are governed by the same rules.
  • Any player who, having his game at stake, is caught using electronic devices that allow him to receive some type of chess aid (computers, PDAs or the like) will be immediately expelled from the competition, without the right to any amount being reimbursed. Likewise, in case of suspicion, refusal to comply with the arbitration requirements will lead to expulsion.
  • Photographs may only be taken during the first 10 minutes of each round, except for the organization.
  • During the game, every player is obliged to always write down his moves and those of his opponent, as clearly and legibly as possible. It is forbidden to write down the move before making it (except in claims of draws for triple repetition and 50 moves).
  • The Organization is not responsible for the health care of the participants.
  • The unjustified failure to appear in a round will be considered abandonment of the tournament.
  • To justify a forfeit and therefore be paired in the next round, it is essential to contact the organization before the end of the current round to communicate the desire to continue in the tournament.
  • The original scoresheet is the property of the organization and the players are obliged to deliver it signed and with the correct result to the referee at the end of the game.
  • For what is not provided for in these rules, this tournament will be governed by the current regulations of FIDE.
  • The organization of the tournament reserves the right of admission and to make any changes or modifications to it.
  • The decisions of the auxiliary or assistant referees can be verbally appealed to the main referee at the same time that the disagreement occurs.
  • The decisions of the main referees will be appealable before the organization (competition committee if any).
  • To do this, from the moment the game ends, you will have 30 minutes to present your written claim to the Main Referee or Tournament Director (whichever is present).
  • If the resolution of any claim is necessary, the organization may decide whether to make the pairing before or after said resolution, with which later said pairing would not be modified, but the result of the game or games appealed.


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